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Startup a New Business :

Most of us have dreamt of owning a business - at one time or another. And some of us have wondered whether Entrepreneurship would be appropriate for them.Startupwani.comwill take you through a series of steps to convert your Ideas and thoughts to viable business propositions.

You will also discover the process of Identifying Business Opportunities all around. We will help you get inspired with a specially designed project profiles for Start-ups. We present 'The Big List of Business Ideas' for you to help you go through the process of selecting the 'Right Business Idea' based on your Skills, Strengths and Resources.

The Big List of Business Ideas for New Business Startups :

Scan these ideas and evaluate thoroughly if you believe the Idea you like has potential in your area.

Search for project profile suitable as per your requirement for Starting a New Business in India.

List of Startup ideas

Industry Group

Business Categories

S.no Industry Group Business Category Project Profile Download No's
1 Mining of metal ores small Non-Ferric Alum 1
2 Other mining and quarrying micro Stone Crusher 2
3 micro Road Marking Material
4 small Mineral Grinding 2
5 small Calcinated Bauxite
6 Manufacture of food products micro Medical Grade : Mustard Oil 40
7 micro Fruit Jams, Squashes and Cocktails
8 micro Seasame Seed
9 micro Spice grinding unit
10 micro Spray dried foods, F&V Powder, Fat Powder
11 micro Tea Blending Unit
12 micro Cattel and poultry food
13 micro Roasted, flavoured Peanuts and other nuts
14 micro Whole wheat flour (Atta Mill)
15 micro Soya Milk
16 micro Papad Manufacturing
17 micro Bakery Products
18 micro Curry and Rice Powder
19 micro Desiccated Coconut powder
20 micro Floor Mill
21 micro Pickel Unit
22 micro Rosted Rice Flacks
23 micro Dairy Products
24 micro Cracking Nuts
25 micro Dairy Farming
26 micro Extruded Pellets from maida for frying
27 micro Hot Air dried vegetables
28 micro Ice Cream Plant : Batch Type
29 micro Instant Pre-cooked Foods
30 micro Jackfruit Processing and its products
31 micro Khakara Making Unit
32 micro Mini Rice Mill
33 micro Murmura Manufacturing Unit
34 micro Namkin Batch Plant : Potato
35 micro Namkeen Papad, Mathiya and Chorafali
36 micro Pasteurized Milk Plant with Cold room
37 micro Pasteurized Milk Plant with Cold room
38 micro corn Manufacturing Unit
39 micro Poultry Farm
40 micro Raisin Manufacturing Unit
41 micro Rice Flakes
42 micro Seasoning for snack
43 micro Soya Nuggets
44 micro Vacuum dried fruits, vegetables and herbs
45 micro Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Unit
46 small Besan Plant 21
47 small Fruit Bar
48 small Castor Oil Commercial
49 small Amla Processing
50 small Flavored pasteurized Milk
51 small Frozen Foods
52 small Ready-to-Eat Foods Veg., Sweets, Rice_ Veg
53 small Bakery Unit : All Products except Bread
54 small Peanut Butter
55 small Cashew Processing,Grading and packaging
56 small Confectionery: High Boiled Toffees
57 small Casein from Milk
58 small Bread Plant
59 small Biscuit Plant for Sweet, Cream, Premier Types
60 small Canning Unit : Canned Fruits &Vegetable Products
61 small Corn and Multigrain Flakes
62 small Dal Making Unit
63 small Desiccated Coconut Powder
64 small Ginger, garlic and onion Paste
65 small Iodized Salt
66 small Cryogenic grinding of spice
67 Manufacture of beverages micro Sherbats 4
68 micro Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Unit
69 micro Sugarcane Juice Making Plant
70 micro Ready to serve drinks and soft drinks with Co2
71 small Food Colors 3
72 small Coconut Water in PET Bottle
73 small Bottled Drinking Water
74 Manufacture of Textiles micro Bed Linen 6
75 micro Banana Fibre Extraction & Weaving
76 micro Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Unit
77 micro Cement Mosaic Flooring Tiles
78 micro Granite Tiles Unit
79 micro Water Proofing Service
80 small Cotton Knitted Fabric 2
81 small Elastic Tape
82 Manufacture of wearing apparel micro Leather Belt 13
83 micro Ladies Suits
84 micro Ladies Gowns & Nighty
85 micro Children Wear
86 micro Baby Garments
87 micro Knitted Cotton Garments
88 micro Lingerie
89 micro Track Suit
90 micro Shawls, Stoles, Scarves and Wraps
91 micro Uniforms
92 micro Made Ups
93 micro Readymade Garments
94 small Denim Garments (Jeans, Jackets, Shorts) 2
95 small Ready Made Garments
96 Manufacture of leather and related products micro Foot Wear 2
97 micro Full PVC Footwear
98 micro Paper Cups 8
99 micro Corrugated Boxes
100 micro Gummed Paper Tape
101 micro Paper Bag and Pouches
102 micro Manufacture of Paper Napkins
103 micro Manufacture of Paper Cups
104 micro Note Book Manufacturing
105 micro Palm Plate
106 small Disposal Plastic cups 3
107 small Disposable Plastic Cup
108 small Plastic Carry Bag
109 Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products micro Petroleum Jelly 1
110 small Briquetted Fuel 2
111 small Fuel Briquetting
112 Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products micro Utensils Washing Powder 11
113 micro Hair Dye
114 micro Liquid Detergent
115 micro Phenyl Making
116 micro Cement Paints
117 micro Printing Ink
118 micro Herbal Cosmetics
119 micro Toilet Soap Manufacturing Unit
120 micro Detergent Powder and cakes
121 micro Oxalic Acid
122 micro Tissue Culture Laboratory
123 small Thermoforming 7
124 small Detergent Powder and Cake
125 small Hair Oil
126 small Medicated Perfumery Oil
127 small Cleaning,grading and sorting of Agro Commodities
128 small Microcellular Sheets
129 small Psyllium Husk Processing
130 Manufacture of phrmaceutical, medicinal, chemical and botani micro Surgical Absorbent Cotton 9
131 micro Ayurvedic Formulation
132 micro Ayurvedic Churna
133 micro Bleached and Dehydrated Ginger
134 micro Medicated Ghee
135 micro Sugar Globules
136 micro Surgical Bandages
137 micro Dehydrated Drumstick Powder
138 micro Papain from Papaya
139 small Bio Fertilizers 6
140 small Pharmaceutical Formulation Unit
141 small Healthcare Products
142 small Papaya Proteinase Enzyme
143 small Spirulina Superfood
144 small Medicinal Herbs Extraction Unit
145 Manufacture of rubber and plastic products micro Hot Water Bags or Ice Bags 7
146 micro Tire Retrading
147 micro Manufacturing of Level Controllers Household Tanks
148 micro Blow Molded Plastic Products
149 micro Plastic Bottle
150 micro Bags
151 micro Bathroom fittings and fixtures
152 small Plastic Water Storage Tank 10
153 small Plastic Bucket
154 small PVC Conduit pipes and fittings
155 small BOPP Self Adhesive Tape
156 small Bubble Packing
157 small PTFE Sealing Tape
158 small Woven sacks for Fertilizer
159 small Utensils other than Aluminium and Stainless Steel
160 small Plastic Parts for Eng.Equipment
161 small Rubber Parts for Engineering Industries
162 Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products micro Clay Bricks Manufacturing 5
163 micro Hollow and Cement Concrete Bricks
164 micro Lime Kline
165 micro Ceramic Arts
166 micro Stone Cutting and polishing
167 small Plaster of Paris 4
168 small Fly Ash Bricks
169 small Pre Cast Cement Products
170 small Toughened Glass Products
171 Manufacture of basic metals micro Grills, Railings, Fence 2
172 micro G.M.Bushes
173 small Grey Iron Castings 12
174 small Wire Drawing
175 small Steel Castings
176 small Tool Room For Sheet Metal Die Making
177 small Steel Casting
178 small HDPE Pipe
179 small Drip Irrigation Pipe
180 small Fasteners – Stainless Steel
181 small Fasteners-Steel
182 small Investment Casting
183 small Tool Room for Plastic dies
184 small Gravity Die Casting
185 Manufacture of fabricated metal products except machinery and equipments micro Rolling Shutters 5
186 micro Aluminium Utensils
187 micro Auto Leaf Spring
188 micro Light Engineering (Nut, Bolt, Washer, Rivets)
189 micro Agricultural Implements, Cutleries, Hand Tool
190 small Screws and Rivets 6
191 small Pins-Staple Pins- Safety Pins
192 small Sheet Metal Fabrication
193 small Utensils stainless steel
194 small Forgings
195 small Heavy Fabrication
196 Manufacture of computer, elctronic and optical products micro PCB & Mountings 5
197 micro Computer Assembling
198 micro Personal Computers
199 micro Solar Items
200 micro Water Meters
201 small Transformer Parts and Accessories
202 small Transformers Parts and Accessories
203 small Computer Key boards
204 Manufacture of electronic equipments micro Manufacturing Electrical and PLC Panel Board 8
205 micro Automotive Light Enclosure
206 micro Electrical Fans
207 micro Energy saving choke - LED lights
208 micro Automotive Control Cables
209 micro Electrical Curtain Operator
210 micro Electric Door Chime
211 micro Electric Security System
212 small Domestic LPG Stove 7
213 small Current Transformer
214 small Electrical Cables
215 small Kitchen Appliances
216 small PVC Wire and Cable coating
217 small Pressure Cooker
218 small Welding Electrodes
219 Manufacture of machinery and equipments micro Manufacturing of Domestic Pump 8
220 micro Manufacturing of Pump Sets Agriculture Submersible
221 micro Pump Sets
222 micro Automatic Chikki Plant- All Types of Chikki
223 micro Denim Washing
224 micro Manufacturing Circuit Breakers
225 micro Weight Machine
226 micro Instant Noodles, Vermicelli, Spaghetti Plant
227 small Manufacturing of A.C Motors 9
228 small Cotton Yarn Dyeing
229 small Manufacturing of Material Handling Equipments
230 small Air and Oil Filter
231 small Portable Water Filter
232 small Hydraulic Press and Shearing Machine
233 small Hydraulic Cylinders
234 small Pneumatic Cylinders and Allied Components
235 small Hydraulic Valves
236 Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and non-trailers micro Manufacturing of Servo Motors 8
237 micro Alternator
238 micro Auto Cylinder Liners
239 micro Bronze Bushes
240 micro Automobile Silencers
241 micro Wheel Balancing & Alignment Unit
242 micro Motor Winding
243 micro Pressure Booster system for household use
244 small Manufacturing of Gear Boxes 2
245 small Auto Pistons & Piston Rings
246 Manufacture of other transport equipments micro Brake Drums 2
247 micro Electric Horn
248 small Automobile Body Building 1
249 Manufacture of furniture micro Wrought Iron Furniture 7
250 micro Coir Mattresses
251 micro Steel Furniture
252 micro Steel Furniture
253 micro Wooden Furniture Manufacturing unit
254 micro Rubberized coir mattress
255 micro Latex Foam
256 Other manufacturing micro Ophthamalic Lenses 2
257 micro Gas Lighter
258 small Disposable Plastic Syringes 3
259 small Dental Crown, Bridge & Allied Implants
260 small Mineral Mixtures for cattle and Poultry feed
261 Repair and installation of machinery and equipments micro Diesel Engine Pump Repairing 2
262 micro Mobile repairing & allied service
263 small Automobile Repairing 2
264 small Four Wheel Automobile Repairing
265 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply micro Inverter 1
266 small Diesel Generating Sets 1
267 Specialized construction activities micro Neon Sign Board 1
268 Wholesale and retail trade of motor vehicle and motorcycles micro Two Wheeler Repair and Service Unit 1
269 small Commercial Vehicle Repair Shop 1
270 Accommodation micro Home stay Facility 3
271 Food and beverages’ services activities micro Online Catering Home Delivery Service
272 micro Ice-Cream Cone Making
273 small Heritage Restaurant 1
274 Publishing activities micro Online Shopping Cart Application 3
275 Computer programming, consultancy and related activities micro Web Design Service Centre
276 micro Software Development
277 small Computer Training Institute 2
278 small CNC Programming
279 Information services activities micro Cyber Café 5
280 micro Cyber Cafe Xerox Lamination
281 micro E Directory for Utilities and Service
282 micro Android Base App Development
283 micro App Development
284 Architecture and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis micro Engineering Workshop 2
285 micro General Engineering Workshop
286 small CNC Engineering Workshop 1
287 Other professional, Scientific and technical activities micro Computerized Advertisement Design 2
288 micro Drawing & Design Consultancy
289 Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation services activities small Rural Tourism 4
290 small Adventure Tourism Complex
291 small City Tour and Excursions
292 small Ethno Tourism
293 Office administrative, office support and other business support activities micro Setting up a computer business center 4
294 micro Multi Purpose Computer Centre
295 micro Desktop Publishing Service
296 micro E Logistics
297 small Laminated Flexible Packaging 2
298 small Thermacol Packaging
299 Education micro Public E learning Portal 1
300 Human health activities micro Online Medical Delivery Service 1
301 small Medical Transcription 2
302 small Diagnostic Centre
303 Sports activities small Indoor Sport Complex 1
304 Repair of computers and personal and house hold goods micro Computer Hardware Service Centre 1
305 small Home Furnishing 1
306 Other personal services activities micro Beauty Parlor 1
307 small Day Spa 2
308 small Floor cleaning and Polishing Compound
309 Crop and animal production, hunting and related services activities micro Honey Processing 3
310 micro HPS Groundnut
311 micro Mango Kernel Oil
312 small Double filtered Groundnut and Other Oils 2
313 small Herbal Extraction Plant